Pete Matthews career both as a bike racer and wheel builder spans 50 years. Over that time he has collected some outstanding articles, mentions and pictures. Here are just a few:

An Email From Robert Millar:

When I wanted some special wheels I approached Pete Matthews to see if he could come up with what I wished for, they had to be much lighter than usual, aerodynamic, strong enough to withstand rough bumpy mountain descents and not look too obvious that they were specials. Stealth wheels if you like.

So after a bit of a discussion on what was possible if we went with this rim or those spokes and lacings he made a suggestion and I left him to it. I'd been impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm for his products but as ever with racing the proof was in the performance.

As was promised, they were delivered on time and looked as good as I had hoped for so I tried the wheels out on a quiet TdF stage for a couple of hours then more than reassured put them back in the truck for the selected stages.

They reappeared for the big mountain stage to Isola 2000 , I had a good day. Fanatastic wheels, responsive, strong yet light. I used them on all the mountain stages and despite the abuse stuff gets in that enviroment they stayed perfect. 

The next pair of specials he built for me I used at the National Road Race championship on the Isle of Man, different specification this time as I wanted something a bit faster again , just as light mind but even more areo. I  won my only pro championship using those wheels and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pete Matthews to anyone looking for handbuilt wheels whatever the use they are going to put them through  . He's built me various types of race , training and mountain bike wheels and I've never been disappointed with anyone of them , they've performed brilliantly everytime.

Robert Millar

YouTube: Robert Millar riding Pete Matthews wheels on big mountain stage to Isola 2000



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