Cyclo-Cross Wheel Sets

Cyclo-Cross is a discipline within our sport which relies on the quality and strength of the bikes as well as the rider.cyclocross

Taking a constant change of pace,terrain and continual abuse of  equipment - especially the wheels. Factory built wheels, usually made for road riding with Radial Front Spoking are not satisfactory for longevity in Cyclo-Cross events.

Rigid wheels with radial and lateral strength must include compliancy for the distortions the rims and spokes constantly receive and quickly revert to their original shape. How many wheels builders have the experience to combine suitable components for this very technical discipline.

Deep section carbon rims are not the ideal choice and you will need to have deep pockets to keep replacing these fragile components. We can custom build you light,strong and responsive wheels in tubular or high pressure clincher form.

Pete has previously built cyclo-cross wheels for the Great Britain National Team, Pro-Teams and Mountain Biking World Cup Competition.