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Robert Millar was the hill climber I worked with the most but his wheels had to be capable of descending effectively as ascending.

Multi-time National Hill Climb Champions have ridden Pete Matthews’s bikes and wheels for many seasons with ultimate success; however Proper Hill Climbs were nearly always ridden on fixed wheel. Lately some national hill climb championships have been ridden on TT Bikes, which I think is a joke. A rider who has used my products previously rode wheels that were light but flexed so much he was wasting as much as 10% of his efforts’.

Special Hill Climb wheels need to include components to suit particular rider, light enough to race but strong enough not to flex to enable the rider to gain every advantage with each pedal stroke and eliminate every watt of wasted effort.

Slightly ‘Aero Rims’ can be used but probably will not make a difference or much of one in a proper hill climb.

Hill Climb wheels have to contain attributes built into them:

  • Lightness

  • Rigidity

  • Attributes for the rider, not too light that they distort the components.

  • Tubulars as light as possible, but on wet courses with sufficient correct tread to eliminate wheel slip.

Hill Climb PicsWhen I first built wheels for multinational hill climb Champion Jim Henderson, he had wheels that were light, however assembling the components, spokes and rims to attain that lightness. Flimsy rims and spokes were used that had massive output loss. I built his new wheels lighter than his current wheels, but with so much rigidity, saving maybe 10% of the weight but 50-60% more rigid, enabling Jim to use his efforts without wasting energy.