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JuvenileIn today’s world of cycling, youngsters with ages well below double figures are competing on the velodrome, circuit races and cyclo-cross. Once they have their bike, which should suit them for a few years (If sized correctly) only have to change of wheels to enable them to improve their performances.

I can help with custom built wheels 24” &26” sprints with tubulars for the respective disciplines of our sport.

Custom built wheels for competiton will enhance their confidence, performance and with the correct gar ratios to suit the course.

I can supply the whole package including sticking on tubulars onto the rim, or, in the case of 26” maybe using super light HP clinchers and tubes.

photo 1   photo 3  photo 2

The wheels above are 26" for track racing but can also be built with quick release hubs for road, crit riding / racing.