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TT Pics 4One pair can be designed and built, but on occasions will NOT possess ultimate performance because of significant advantages to that particular pair. The weather conditions, course and terrain. Sometimes your race number you are allocated can have a significant bearing on your performance because of the weather conditions.

Aerodynamic benefits depend on depth of rim = weight = design build, however aerodynamics work to the ultimate in ‘Speed Bands’.

If you are not in the age bracket where you are improving each year, buying wheels that work in optimum speed of 30 – 35 mph as of the world Time Trial champion. You may have a faster ride on wheels suited to your 20-25 mph and use lower gears. I know of riders locally riding 3 spoke front / disc rear having a time of 30 minutes for a ten mile time trial.

A pair of shallow, light wheels fitted to a fixed wheel bike with a gear of about 75” would bring a significant improvement.