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Why hand built wheels for touring and / or tandems? I do not think any mass produced wheel manufacturer’s makes wheels that will encompass all the qualities essential to tourists and tandemists.

The components have to be chosen carefully and correctly to ensure you have trouble free riding as much as possible.

They have to be strong enough to handle you and your bike, if and when it is fully loaded. That means front and rear, uphill, down dale, over rough terrain and in the most diverse of weather conditions, enabling you to possess the confidence that you need to have trouble free bike riding.

Consider that your tour, often in a foreign country, where if you found an helpful local, neither of you speak each other’s language and that countries phrase book WILL NOT include “CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE I CAN GETA COUPLE OF SINGLE BUTTED STAINLESS SPOKES OF 298MM PLEASE”. A couple of front and rear spare spokes are essential for all tourists.

Each pair of touring and tandem wheels will be supplied with special replacement spokes that eliminate the need to remove your cassette or block to replace a spoke that the head breaks off. Not something that happens often to my wheels BUT sometimes things get caught in the gear side of rear wheels and cause problems. I just try to think of every eventuality and provide solutions for your peace of mind.

All components have to be super strong, hubs essentially may have oversized / strong axles, preferably sealed cartridge maintenance free bearings and top quality body and flanges, even disc brake facility. Spokes to suit the machine at its heaviest. Rims have to be strong enough to accept all that it encounters, wide enough to take correct width tyres.

I am now building a lot of front wheels with SCHMIDT DYNO HUBS.SCHMIDT is now making a dyno hub with disc brake facility- Think and consider this.


Tandem 1      Tandem 2      Tandem 4

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Looking through our stock, we have unearthed a few pair of Pianni Ceramic Touring / Expedition Rims. Limited Edition !! Once they are gone, they are gone !!

Touring and Expidtion 1       Touring and Expidtion 2 Touring and Expidtion 3

Touring and Expidtion 4