Track Background Photos 2Track wheels possess certain attributes where strength, rigidity, aero dynamics and responsiveness for acceleration are paramount to their quality. They are only used in velodromes or for fixed wheel time trials with a front brake.

There are a vast amount of hubs, rims and spokes to choose from.

For custom built track wheels, whilst a lot of national and world class events are raced on composite fibre and or disc wheels. It’s foolish to aspire to owning and racing on world class wheels for the local track leagues and training. When the national coach’s and selectors request you to join the squads you will be provided with the necessary components to compliment your qualities and improve your performances.

The theory that heavy track wheels are ok is ‘just not true’ because you have to expend the energy to get them up to speed and maintain that speed. All components have to be analysed and combined to be assembled to produce the best track wheels for you.

Here are a few photographs of a popular pair of Track Wheels we sell. This pair are built on Pianni CXD 24 spoke rims, with Miche Primato Gold hubs. This particular pair start from only £249

Track 1   Track 2   Track 3


Track 4   Track 5   Track 6