We are currently renovating a 40 year old Pete Matthews frame /  bike. Take a look at how it looked last week. Now take a look at the 'After' photos.

PM Black Renovation 4      PM Black Renovation 6      PM Black Renovation 5

PM Black Renovation 1      PM Black Renovation 2     PM Black Renovation 3

We now have the frame back from the sprayers, and you can see that the changes are amazing. We are now going to complete the full bike over the next few weeks, more pictures will be posted soon.

Red PM Frame 2 640x478      Red PM Frame 3 640x478      Red PM Frame 5 640x478

Red PM Frame 640x478      Red PM Frame 4 640x478

After weeks of hard work, sweat and toil we have finally brought this classic bike back to its best. Have a look at the photographs below, surely you cannot fail to be impressed by the transformation.

PM Red Bike 2      PM Red Bike 1      PM Red Bike 4

PM Red Bike 3      PM Red Bike 5      PM Red Bike 6




We have recently brought a pair of HADEN HUBS from the 1940's into the 21st Century with Pianni HP Clincher Rims and Stainless Steels Spokes. Take a look at a few photographs taken of these timeless classics.

Pianni Haden Hubs Pianni Haden Hubs 3 Pianni Haden Hubs 2  Pianni Haden Hubs 4  


We have just spent 6 weeks restoring a 46 year old Pete Matthews bike. The bike was originally bought from the shop in Lower breck Road and has only had one owner. Look at the photos below to see this magical transformation.


Pm yellow frame 1 2   Pm yellow frame 1 3Pm yellow frame 1 1   


Pm yellow frame 1 4    


PM Frame Duckegg 1 1  PM Frame Duckegg 1 2 PM Frame Duckegg 1 3 PM Frame Duckegg 1 5