Audax Wheels

Audax Wheels are similar to Sportive Wheels but are normally more ‘ROBUST’.

Audax Events don't not usually encompass thousands of meters of mountain climbing and speed descending, also are normally used on heavier bikes at a more leisurely pace.

Other attributes have the qualities of our Paris-Roubaix and Tour of Flanders wheels.

Audax riders have to possess the confidence that their wheels are not going to fail especially in the darkness of night, hundreds, maybe thousands of miles from home, the next town or where they can obtain help. How many times have you heard of such a tale and riders months of preparation ruined attributed to wheel failure. We are now building a lot of front wheels with 'SCHMIDT' Dynamo Hubs for your convenience.

I was the first wheel builder in the world to produce 16, 18 & 20 spoke wheels. I now see Audax Riders with wheels including these far inadequate number of spokes, usually front radial, straight pull spokes transmitting every road surface bump through your bar, wrists, neck and shoulders.



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Our most popular Audax Wheel sets are Pictured & Priced below. Pianni Piccollo Rims / Hope Hubs from £375

Audax 1 222x166  Audax 2 222x166  Audax 3 222x166

Audax 4 124x166                            Audax 5 124x166                           Audax 6 166x124



Audax 1     Audax 2     Audax 5


Audax 3

 This set of Audax Wheels are built on our own Pianni Paris-Roubaix Aero Rims with a Schmidt Dynolighting Hub. This hub has a fitting that can charge your mobile phone whilst riding.