Since 1956 I have owned and used a bike with a fixed wheel gear. A fixed wheel gear is when you cannot just stop pedalling and the speed is determined by your cadence.

  • Pedal Faster = Go Faster

  • Pedal Slower = Speed Reduces

Before variable gears became popular in Time Trials, riders who did not compete in Road Racing owned a top quality Track Bike which doubled up as their Time Trial bike when a front brake was fitted.

I ride a previously used road frame with fittings for two brakes, mudguard eyes and bottle cages for convenience and riding comfort. It has essential horizontal rear drop outs to enable the rear wheel to be adjusted back and forth to tension the chain. However, fixed wheel bikes are now becoming more popular again for various reasons.

  • To ride on our ever increasing amount of velodromes and /or outdoor tracks.

  • Cycle couriers are increasing in numbers daily and need super strong wheels.

  • The fixed wheel bikes are now so popular in our cycling magazines riders want to sample their attributes.

  • Competition riders realise that fixed wheel enhances pedalling action and gentle rides help their condition.

  • Easier to maintain (especially in winter) without all the gear mechanisms and multiple sprockets and chain rings.

  • A lot of older riders are now putting a fixed wheel bike together for their shorter and gentler rides for fun. Also are safer to handle in adverse weather conditions (Wet or Dry roads).

What attributes do you need to consider when buying your wheels from me?

I have a lot of hubs with drillings 24*28*32 and 36 which have various widths of 120 to 128mm, and with quick release fittings and/ or conventional track nuts.

The wheels are custom built for your peace of mind so you do not have to purchase a pair of below standard, heavy, ordinary fixed wheel sets. The same qualities of our competition wheels will be an integral component in yourFixie Wheels.

The Set pictured below are PIANNI SUPER RECORD SPRINT - TUBULAR RIMS with Suntour Superbe Hubs for Fixed Wheel with Quick Release - 120mm


     Fixed 3     Fixed 2    Fixed 1