Powertap wheels are one of the latest scientific advantages that can be built into our bikes to enhance our fitness, knowledge and performance levels.

However, being reasonably expensive, most riders have only one Powertapwheel. Is it going to be used for racing with an expensive tubular fitted?

Is it to be a dual purpose on a clincher rim with expensive tyres for racing and then fitted with a heavier tyre for training? Or used for scientific data for training then used on a turbo trainer?

All these decisions have to be carefully considered before ordering the Powertaphub. 20 -24-28-32 or 36 drillings are available and I stock all rims to accommodate those.

The rim choice is the most important. Do you choose?

  • A carbon Tubular or clincher rim

  • A carbon deep or shallow rim

  • A ultra-light or heavier rim

Or a combination of more than one of these.

An alloy rim with the above attributes encompassing as many of the above included.

Remember and consider this is where the wheel builder is of the most importance, to combine your beliefs as to what you think in the best rim and to give you his experience to advise you what is the best compromise and build your Powertap wheel. Giving you more than just technical data, enhancing your performances, fitness and technical knowhow, also the reason you purchased this scientific component.


Powertap Pianni 4 650x488          Powertap Pianni 3 650x488          Powertap pianni 6 650x488 

Here are a few pictures of recent Powertap Hubs, Pete has built into wheels using our Pianni CXL Rims.