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Road Racing wheels have to encompass many courses,and pro tour riders have more than half a dozen different sets to facilitate every eventuality and advantage to help win their particular speciality which includes:

  • Flat

  • Undulating

  • Sprints

  • Rough surface

  • Hill climb only

  • Mountains, which may include fast and dangerous descents.


Wheels must have an essential quality as you may lose a lot more than just a race.

Obviously not every rider can afford all these sets of wheels, so you must buy a pair that can encompass as many attributes as possible and qualities in one pair of possible, OR if you are a lottery winner two pairs or a spare rear wheel.

Lighter revolving weight on climbs are beneficial but there are many ways to achieve this, other than using the lightest rims or reducing the spoke amount because of descending. On long twisting descents certain depth carbon rims are not as fast or as safe as some others.



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