Sportif PicsSportive wheels are the most complicated to design and build because they have to include so many different attributes and may encompass every type of terrain, road conditions on your club run, event or training camp.

The rider’s personal data has to be taken into account. Age, weight, height, wattage – output, bike and handling experience.

Top professional riders change their wheels many times in a tour to take advantage of each individual stage terrain. You do not have this facility; therefore your custom wheels have to include as many attributes as possible to ensure your rides are successful and as safe as possible.

This is the reason that factory built off the shelf wheels will only be satisfactory for a very small minority of riders. Consider if you are 16 or 60 years old, 8 or 18 stone. Most bike store staff will offeryou the same factory built wheels because they do not possess the knowledge to advise otherwise.

It is worth remembering that you have to descend the mountains that you have previously climbed and maybe attempting to catch your companions who climbed faster than you. That is why your wheels must include qualities to descend as well as ascend, and be able to respond to your individual capabilities. You descend a lot faster than climbing. One wheel set may enable you to climb 1 or 2 % faster, however, because of the components and construction pattern; the wheel-set may be 5% slower when safely negotiating the descent. Consider that accidents on descents are far more dangerous and lead to more severe injuries than those on a climb.

Certain makes / models of mass produced wheel sets only include one or two attributes, therefore inadequate for multi – terrain rides.

With my knowledge I can amalgamate many different attributes into one pair of wheels. Even consider buying a pair of wheels PLUS a different rear wheel for multiple usages.

Traveling abroad, or with your bike dismantled to ride an event??

Consider your bike (wheels) can be damaged in transit. You need to consider the possibility of being able to be repaired if necessary. (I can include a couple of compatible spokes with wheel sets). You could be stranded in a foreign country with factory built wheels and their components exclusive to those wheels, and cannot be obtained even if those wheels could be repaired. Instant panic and replacement wheels not available even if you had the funds to buy a new wheel or pair. A large quantity of these wheels have their specifications changed every year or so, then the companies do not have to produce spares for out of date models.

Your Sportive wheels need to include:         TT 3  TT 4

  • Lateral Stiffness

  • Overall Strength

  • Reduced Weight ( Preferably Revolving )                                                        

  • Stability in cross winds                                                                                   

  • The ability to withstand explosive efforts without output loss and flex

  • And of course STAY TRUE!!                                                              Wheelset Pictured are PIANNI CXD RIMS

TT 1     TT 2     TT 5


Red Sportif 9     Red Sportif 3     Red Sportif 5

Red Sportif 8     Red Sportif 4

Wheelset pictured are PIANNI PARIS-ROUBAIX AERO RIMS, built with Red Hope Hubs