Tandem wheels have to be the Strongest of all the aspects of our sport. Consider 2 adults + heavier bike + luggage, sometimes camping equipment and tours that can last many weeks.

Many years ago I gave advice to tandemisits to include at least one disc brake on their wheels, but, good disc hubs were rare and difficult to obtain compatible rims.

We now have both disc hubs and rims to include all necessary features of top class, trouble free tandem wheels.

Weight is not the most important attribute of tandem wheels. Strength, reliability and longevity are.

I was building 36 spoke tandem wheels many years ago that were stronger than some 40 + 48 spoke wheels built elsewhere. The 40 + 48 components were not as strong or reliable as my 36’s. Extra weight does not equate to extra strength.

We now have the luxury of suitable components that were probably designed for mountain bikes, but suit tandems perfectly.




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