triathlon1Triathlon wheel sets are similar to the sportive set-up, but need to be as light as possible because these are only for racing. I would assume you do not train on your racing wheels.

In my experience a high proportion of Triathletes do not belong to a ‘cycling club’ and have not had the bike handling skills passed down to them or they buy wheels they get advised to do so in magazines or copy riders in magazine photos.

Please do not take this as a personal criticism but I feel more groups of triathletes do not know they can have wheels designed and built specifically for them – Do You?

Aero dynamic wheel depths work in speed bands and the deepest wheels available will only be advantageous to those who can ride at speed that compliment those depths. Deeper wheels usually mean heavier or flex between the spoke bed and breaking surface.

Descending and cornering skills take a long time to perfect, choose wheels that have descending attributes built in.

Please consider professional advice when choosing your wheels.